Sonia Driscoll

Sonia Driscoll has been a working medium for many years. Teaching and demonstrating throughout the UK as well as overseas. In the past she also worked at and became an approved tutor of the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted. She first walked into a Spiritualist church at the age of 14 and began her own mediumistic development aged 22. She enjoys all aspects of mediumship, especially studying Spiritualist Philosophy, as well as focusing on the fascinating practices of Kriya Yoga.

However above all else, it is teaching that is of most importance to her. Sonia has always enjoyed watching students learn to use their gifts and discover their own true potential, whilst ensuring that they also focus on their own personal Spiritual evolvement too.

Sonia is determined to help sincere seekers of Spiritual development and unfoldment to benefit from her hard work and dedication. Her wish is and will always be to play a part in helping others to be of great benefit to their fellow man and to become the future ambassadors on behalf of the Spirit World.

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