Sandy Ingham

Sandy Ingham has been aware of Spirit her whole life, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she realised the significance of the many lifelike ‘doodles’ of eyes, noses, mouths etc that she was absent mindedly drawing on scraps of paper all over the house..until one day a picture was recognised by Sandys hairdresser as her grandfather.

Since then Sandy along with her artist control, Leo, have drawn many portraits of peoples loved ones in Spirit bringing exquisite evidence of eternal life along with information only the communicator could know.
Sandy had previously no talent or inclination to draw and yet with Leo’s guiding hand they have touched the lives of many grieving people all over the world, travelling constantly from her home in Cornwall, to demonstrate tirelessly our loved ones do not die, through the hand of one of the greatest artists who ever lived, Leo.

Workshops and Events

Demonstration of Spirit Art by Sandy Ingham

Spirit Art with Sandy Ingham