Richard Chapman

An experienced spiritual medium and tutor, Richard Chapman has been working and developing his Spiritual abilities for over 10 years, using his Spiritual awareness and mediumship to serve Spiritualist churches and Spiritual centres around the UK, as well as providing private sittings for individuals and groups of people.

Since his early teenage years, Richard has had a growing awareness of Spirit and the Spiritual realms. He feels humbled to be able to serve those in need and those people who are searching for explanations or help with their spiritual growth. There are many people who are afraid and uncertain of what happens after physical death; Richard’s Spiritual awareness and knowledge can help people to move forward with their life and also increase their Spiritual understanding.

Richard’s mediumship has taken many different forms over the years. Mental mediumship and working with the altered states, along with different aspects of Spiritual healing make up just part of his mediumistic and Spiritual journey.

Richard is a firm believer that you should never stop learning and developing, both in a mediumistic and Spiritual way. With this in mind, Richard’s passion is the development of both himself and others by teaching development groups and instructing at workshops on various aspects of mediumship and Spirituality.

Workshops and Events

Mental Mediumship