Paul Wales

Paul Wales found meditation through martial arts in his early twenties and soon realised it releases that inner fear that is held by many.

After discovering his natural healing ability and with his time spent exploring the world of mediumship, he soon realised how we can get stuck in life’s patterns, which drastically affect us physically and spiritually.

A number of years ago Paul was very lucky to meet Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa ( in Cornwall, where Aliyananda introduced him to the sacred breathes of Kriya Yoga. These breathes were taught to her by her Guru Maha Avatar Babaji in the Himalayas. Aliyananda has chosen a number of students to sow the seed of Kriya to those who wish to know more.

This year while on a pilgrimage to India, Paul was fortunate enough to have travelled with Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa and Swami Yogananda Paramahansa, having teachings every day and listening to the many stories of their time spent with Babaji.

Though the practice of your Kriya and keeping the mind and body Unified is great, to take this into every aspect of daily life can truly be life changing. So Paul encourages all – gaining an awareness of the outside world is useful but to gain an awareness of the self (the inside world), understanding how our actions affect us in every way, either empowering or weakening, allows us to live life in our own truth.