Mark Stone

Mark Stone was born into a Spiritualist household and consequently was aware of the Spirit World from a very early age and had the support and understanding of his family in its unfoldment. He started to sit for the development of platform mediumship when he was fifteen years old and took his first church service as a Spiritualist medium when he was only seventeen.

Since then he has travelled both in the UK and abroad teaching and demonstrating Mediumship. As well as being a Medium he is also a Reiki Practitioner, Teacher and Master. Throughout the years Mark has run courses on Mediumship and Reiki (including workshops and group sharing) as well as other subjects, including Tarot, Meditation and Psychic Awareness

Mark started working with the Tarot in his early teens and was travelling to psychic fairs giving readings through his teens into his early twenties. He has been teaching courses and workshops for over 17 years, not only at Mind-Body-Spirit (formerly The Light Awareness Centre, his own awareness centre) but also in many churches and centres both in the UK and abroad.

In his twenties, he undertook many years of extra training at the Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) under the mentorship of Glyn Edwards and continued to work very closely with Glyn teaching alongside him at many seminars and events around the UK right up to the month before Glyn’s passing.

Mark has served on several Spiritual organisations and church committees; taught numerous church and private circles; taught on cruise ships; taken seminars on stress management and meditation for the police, insurance companies and local colleges, as well providing many talks and lectures for private and public groups

Mark also offers:

  • Mediumship Training in the following areas: Mental Mediumship, Trance Mediumship, Spirit Art, Healing
  • Reiki Healing Sessions and Training
  • Intuitive Tarot Courses
  • One-to-one Teaching Sessions
  • Corporate events and seminars