Mariea Rudenko

Mariea Rudenko is an international teaching and demonstrating medium, Spiritual healer and holistic therapist. Mariea is passionate about all forms of mediumship, and believes that each gift is a form of healing in its own way. States of entrancement and altered awareness are of a particular interest for her and has had the privilege of sitting under tutorship of those such as Glyn Edwards, Eileen Mitchamson and Muriel Tenant.

Knowing that we are all unique individuals with unique gifts, Mariea is very committed to personal self growth and the recognition and development of an individual’s Spiritual potential and works with many aspects of mediumship to help this unfold but finds that trance enhances all gifts.

Mariea very strongly feels that we have a duty share any knowledge that will bring about the advanced enhancement and potential of another being and finds it a privilege to see others develop and grow using this energy

Alongside mediumship, Mariea provides a range of holistic therapies. Her teaching and healing skills are used in both the medical and complementary fields of care.

Workshops and Events