Gerard Smith

Gerard SmithGerard Smith is recognised as one of the most gifted and accurate evidential mediums in Spiritualism, often referred to as ‘the medium’s medium’.

Having originally sat with Gordon Higginson’s mother Fanny Higginson, in her circle at Longton Spiritualist Church, Gerard is known as a man of great integrity, bringing the truths of the spirit through all he does, having demonstrated and taught both in the UK and around the World.

Gerard was awarded the Long Service Award for his many years of teaching and demonstrating at the Arthur Findlay College, at Stanstead Hall and has been witness to astounding mediumship from some of our other greatest pioneers in Spiritualism.

Indeed, before his passing in 2015, Glyn Edwards described Gerard Smith as ‘the best platform medium in the country today’..

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Unfoldment of Mediumship with Agnes Davies