Diane Bennett

I became aware of healing when I was a child; I have always had a keen interest in nature and an affinity with all living creatures. In 1998 and with a gardening qualification from Hadlow horticultural college I set up my own gardening business. Two of the most enjoyable modules, which I look back on with great affection, were the garden nature reserve and ecology, for without trees and other green plants there would be no advanced life on earth.

Working outside for long hours you observe what goes on in nature, you live the seasons, you breath the air you are at one with everything around you. This led me on to study the chemistry of plants and the beneficial properties that plant materials hold. I am a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists and the international Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and a qualified masseuse in holistic massage.

Working with the energies of plants either in the garden or with holistic bodywork can help balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Colour has played an important part in my work particularly how it can influence someone and have a profound effect.

Over the years I have attended many workshops in holistic therapies and one I look back on with great affection was a cream blending course with a well known Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and a world leader in Aromatherapy.

I was fortunate to attend workshops with Glyn Edwards, I found these educational, uplifting and very meaningful to the work I was doing. Glyn gave me a lot of encouragement and a taste for wanting more.

In November 2015 after a two-year extensive course of theoretical and practical training I graduated becoming an accredited healer validated by UK Healers, this was followed in December 2016 also, after two years of training this time gaining an accreditation validated by The British Alliance of Healing Associations.

I am very much in tune with nature; we are all beings of light and must let our hearts be open to connect and get-together with the rhythms of the cosmos.

We dance life together in light and love…

This was taken in the garden I love the vibrancy of the light radiating outwards and I love the heart shaped petals above, such a deep spiritual connection with the colour…beautiful