Daniel Pitt

Daniel Pitt believes that his job is to ensure that everyone has the best experience of seeing a medium. He has been a professional medium since 1997, working all over the world. He offers one to one consultations (readings) to clients who are seeking contact from their loved ones, and seeking insight and guidance on their journey through life.

He has been fortunate enough to demonstrate mediumship all of the world, having started off working in Spiritualist churches and elsewhere.

Daniel loves to teach and share what he knows about the Spirit World and the power of our own Spirit within.

He is a tutor at The College of Psychic Studies where he also runs workshops, weekly classes and provides private consultations.

Daniel believes that talking to the Spirit World and those we love is a birth right.  It makes sense that those who love us are merely a thought away.

His approach to all things Spiritual, psychic and mediumistic is honest and genuine. He strongly believes that what he does should be accessible and beneficial to everyone.

Learn more about Daniel Pitt via his website: https://danielpitt.co.uk/

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