Expressions of Spirit Art with Sandy Ingham

Date: 16/03/2019 - 17/03/2019
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Addington Village Hall


During the course of this experimental weekend Sandy will bring her vast experience to guide you to discover your potential in this highly evidential aspect of Mediumship. To be able to draw the faces of loved ones in Spirit is a truly evidential gift of the continuance of life.

We often think that if we can’t draw, or aren’t trained, the Spirit World can’t work through us. Sandy will show you that with her guidance and your limitless potential, anything is possible!

And for those of you with some experience of Spirit Art this is a great opportunity to deepen your ability and connection with those guiding you.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and to be given individual guidance by Sandy and artist in Spirit, Leo.