Exploring and Revealing your Trance Potential with Sonia Driscoll

Date: 23/06/2018 - 24/06/2018
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Addington Village Hall
Fee: £95.00

‘A good trance medium brings forward the suggestion of a spirit world.
A great trance medium becomes ‘the voice of the spirit world’

When we perfect our connections with that world and learn how to allow an unspoiled flow of communication to move into and through our subconscious mind, it is then that we are able to bring forward the wisdom, guidance and many teachings that the spirit world wishes to share with us all.

Trance mediumship is frequently shrouded in myths and misconceptions. Either making us fearful or leaving us believing that the developing of trance mediumship is only for a chosen few. This simply is not the case. Trance mediumship is a wonderful and unique experience open for everyone to explore.

Many find that sitting within the trance states brings about a joy as we frequently experience a closeness and an incredible presence of spirit.

But many more find that once they begin sitting for trance development, the forming of strong bonds and solid connections that begin to form with their own guides and inspirers lead them to wanting to seek further & much deeper understandings within their unfoldment.

This weekend we will walk together discovering your pathway through the altered states, leading you into the trance states. We will also explore the various aspects of mediumship associated within the trance states, which will help you to feel more confident and also further your understanding. You’ll receive plenty of support and encouragement as you gradually begin to realise your strengths and start to reveal your own trance potential.

If you are already working with your trance unfoldment, lets work together at bringing about another step forwards. Focusing on exploring further elements within your trance ability, achieving a purer form of communication and allowing you to bring into being an even greater presence of spirit into this world.

‘More than ever today’s trance mediumship development needs to aim to
uncover the uniqueness of the individual.
So that the true gift and the finest qualities can finally be revealed’

This weekend will be tailored made to suit you as an individual and therefore suitable for students of all abilities.

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