Developing and Experimenting Within the Trance States with Sonia Driscoll

Date: 15/09/2018 - 16/09/2018
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Addington Village Hall
Fee: £95.00

During this weekend we will be looking at our own abilities within the altered states leading into Trance mediumship. Not only will we be focusing on your own individual uniqueness but also exploring a variety of differing ways that we can enter into the trance states. Finding out what works best for you as an individual and seeking out your own unique gifts and talents that lay within this form of mediumship.

We will also be spending time experimenting with different ways of sitting with and experiencing various forms of energy, whilst exploring a variety of sitting methods and seeing what produces the most successful results for you personally.

Through observation and theory we will focus on taking an in depth look at how the trance states sit and work within the whole vast element of our spiritual awareness, where you discover that by gaining this knowledge, you will feel more able to form a much deeper understanding of how the trance states are really achieved and begin to fully understand the actual mechanics and workings that lay behind them.

My aim is to arm you with the tools that you personally need to not only understand exactly what the trance states are, and how to continue your unfoldment in a positive and progressive ways. But also to help you to build confidence and a belief in yourself too, leaving you inspired and confident in trying different ways of sitting and continuing to experiment with your trance development when you return home.

“Never believe that you are not good enough.
In our world you are the greatest.
No effort that you make is ever wasted.
If only you could hear the rejoicing and feel our pure joy
at every endeavour you make on behalf of our world”


This weekend will be tailored made to suit you as an individual and therefore suitable for students of all abilities.

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