Spirit Gems – Extract

Essential Guidance for Spiritual, Mediumistic & Creative Unfoldment

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by Glyn Edwards & Santoshan

Steps for Spiritual Empowerment / Steps for Openness and Freedom (extracts)

Know that you are an individualised expression of the eternal Spirit and that it permeates all life in the universe.

If we accept there is a part of us that never dies, then we need to integrate this knowledge into our lives, investigate its implications and establish greater awareness of its reality in our unfoldment. As we open up to our eternal Self (the spirit that we are, which is an individual expression of the supreme Spirit) and to the Spirit that permeates all, various changes will begin to take place. We will become more aware of the invisible world of the spirit and its influence and of various responsibilities that are essential for following spiritual paths. We will then find ourselves responding to the Divine and the spirit with more receptivity.

Investigate and welcome all lines of thought that will inspire and help you to grow and develop.

We should not limit ourselves only to one view, but realise that growth is brought about by acquiring receptivity to new knowledge and experience whereby we look into the mysteries of life and the secrets of nature and begin to live and understand the deeper implications of a spiritual life.

Knowledge that we possess today might be right for where we are now. But we need to guard against holding on to views that may eventually stop us from developing further and seeing life from wider perspectives. The signpost of a healthy and mature mind is to be able to accept a variety of opposing views and possibilities. Truth often unfolds and changes us gradually – we would probably not be ready to accept its implications otherwise. If we are open to investigating life and new ideas and discovering what truths can be found within them, our development will unfold naturally and lead us onto higher ground. But we must be careful of chasing knowledge that only stimulates our intellect and realise that truth does not confine itself to concepts. This does not mean there is not a level of truth to be found within them. Life is the finest teacher and can help us find the greatest wisdom within.

Have respect for all spiritual traditions–any belief, practice or philosophy that helps humankind to become more open, caring and compassionate.

Any belief, practice or philosophy that encourages and embraces openness, equality and unity deserves respect. If we are prepared to look for good and the variety of ways that our true spirit Self manifests and expresses itself, we will overcome barriers between us and others. This will lead us to discover more spiritual truths and harmony with humanity and the natural world around us. Most tried and tested spiritual traditions have tremendous value and show ways in which we can be more deeply in touch with and manifest our true nature.

There are many paths that have been used to awaken individuals to their true Selves that have freed people from limiting conditions, such as the path of selflessness and doing good deeds for others, the path of insight and knowledge and the path of devotion to the Divine in all. It is debatable whether these can be practised in total isolation from one another. For we cannot love God unless we have a certain amount of knowledge of God’s ways. Similarly, we cannot perform good deeds unless we have a certain amount of compassion and love for others. A holistic approach involves healthily integrating all levels of body, feelings, mind and spirit.

Realise your mind has the power to bring you closer to the Divine and to finding truth in all things.​

Our minds have the power to bring about a deeper understanding of what the Divine is in relation to us and how it functions as us. It is by refining our perceptions and opening our minds that the authentic spirit Self’s presence becomes more noticeable and life takes on greater meaning. As we awaken to its influence, we open to our own innate wisdom and gain insight into the reality of the Spirit. We start to see the world and our place in it from a more positive and altruistic perspective and awaken to the true ‘I’ consciousness within.

This happens because of an increased awareness of our psychic sensitivity. We discover things such as Nature, beauty and everyday activity beginning to have a more profound effect upon us and find all life and experience drawing us to a deeper level of understanding. Through this we discover the Divine in all as well as the good in all and our view and experience of everyday life shifts to a more harmonious perspective. All life and experience become the substance for growth and reflection and a part of spiritual unfoldment. We gradually awaken and take responsibility for what is happening within and around our lives, and make changes that bring us closer to a spiritual way of life and living.

Realise that the one creative power in all life is God.

We live in an evolving universe governed by creative power and Divine intelligence. God, which is both masculine and feminine, is the inner essence and cause of all life, the ground of everything and everyone. It is infinite being, bliss and consciousness, transcendent, immanent, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

This creative power works through us at our individual level of understanding. To open ourselves more purely to it, we have to let go of any perceptions that stop us from recognizing it within ourselves, all life and all people. Through widening our spiritual receptivity, knowledge and consciousness, we awaken to the one in all and the all in one, and to limitless life, power, creativity and potential of our authentic spirit Self. Once we are touched by these things, we must then learn to live by them.

Be thankful for any acts of kindness shown to you and repay them by doing good for others. Let goodness flow from you naturally. Perform good deeds purely for the sake of doing them without seeking praise, recognition or reward.

If anyone has been a good friend or shows us some form of kindness, we must always be thankful and return these gifts whenever they are in need. We also need to expand the good we do by helping others whenever we can.

Some become disillusioned with human nature if people do not show appreciation for the work they have done. But seeking reward for any good we do is the wrong motive. Serving humanity is about giving oneself without personal gain or interest. It does not necessarily imply taking up a public cause, which in some cases can mean performing acts and imposing views on others for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes, it is simply a matter of being there for others when they are in need. Yet no action is without consequences as there is joy in giving and good always returns in some form or another. It may not necessarily come from the people we have helped, but from someone or somewhere else.

We could simply wake up one morning and find that something has changed for the better. Potentials may unfold that we did not know we had, or we might catch sight of a beautiful flower or hear the sweet song of a bird that opens us to the experience of universal love. This is why receiving and being open to good is as important as doing good, otherwise we are stopping it from entering our lives and denying others the opportunity to manifest any kindness. If we continuously push good away, it will eventually do as we command and our lives will be less rich because of it.

Do everything as an act of selfless service and for the manifestation of the eternal Spirit.

We have within us infinite qualities of good, love and compassion. Every act, thought and expression can be reflected upon and used to unfold these qualities more purely. By doing this we make our lives a constant meditation and uncover a sense of the inherent universal Self in everyday life. We become less self-centred and more in tune with life and the world of the spirit. For all life is sacred and ultimately derives its existence from God. We therefore need to seek to become one with this sacredness that exists in everything and everyone and respect and care for all life, including ourselves. Anything that separates us from others means separating ourselves from life and the awe inspiring creativity of God and spirit working through all.

Living by spiritual laws means going beyond ordinary laws, taking responsibility for every area of our lives – our thoughts, feelings and actions – and being respectful of everyone and every form of life with which we come into contact. We may not be able to accomplish this overnight, but it is in the trying that we become more caring, loving, centred, responsible and empowered spiritual beings.

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