Merging with Spirit Consciousness (Double CD)

Includes Sitting in the Power (2005) and Mediumistic Unfoldment

by Medium Glyn Edwards

On this superb double CD Glyn Edwards will lead you through two extremely beneficial and practical exercises for spiritual and mediumistic unfoldment. It includes a completely new and revised version of the ever-popular Sitting in the Power exercise, coupled with a previously unrecorded and invaluable practice for deepening mediumistic awareness.

CD1: Sitting in the Power

This exercise is for mediumistic, spiritual and psychic unfoldment. It was given through the trance medium Mark Webb, by his spirit control James. James asked me to teach the exercise and experiment with it. He prophesied that the results of the practice would be remarkable in the way that it helps people to expand their awareness and recognize their relationship with the Divine and the spirit world, including their individual spirit and its influence. Indeed, it has proved to be one of the most beneficial exercises that I have used in development workshops. It now starts each day of many of my courses.

Track 1 – Introduction to CD & Website information (0.52)
Track 2 – Introduction to Sitting in the Power (5:00)
Track 3 – Sitting in the Power Meditation Practice (49:24)

CD2: Mediumistic Unfoldment

The mediumistic state is natural to us all. Our inherent mediumistic ability and potential for being aware enables us to communicate in many different ways. In this practice we become aware of the spirit world through the power of our own abilities. This allows for the spirit to work with and influence us through many levels of ourselves, enhancing our intuition, powers of seeing and hearing, and other aspects of the complete self. It reveals our profound mediumistic nature and helps us to look deeply into who we are and the way forward in our development. At the heart of these exercises is the realization of our spirit consciousness and its eternal relationship with the spirit world

Track 1 – Introduction to CD & Website Information (0.54)
Track 2 – Introduction to Mediumsitic Unfoldment (9:35)
Track 3 – Mediumistic Unfoldment Meditation Practice (43:36)

Please be aware that this CD was originally recorded in 2005 by Glyn after a period of illness and some of his speech is not as clear and distinct as on his previous recordings.

Glyn Edwards

Glyn has worked internationally as a medium for over 35 years, has appeared on television and radio in numerous countries around the globe and is considered as one of the finest mediums and teachers of psychic and spiritual science in the UK. He has co-authored popular development manuals on mediumistic and spiritual unfoldment, and recorded various teaching CDs and cassettes, which have been highly acclaimed and sold throughout the world.

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