• You are the living breath.
  • You are the living breath that breathes inward and outward.
  • You are connected through the breath to all inner awareness.
  • As you breath out it connects you to all living things.
  • The breath is the cause of consciousness, awareness, mind and thought.
  • The breath is the living source of your being .
  • The breath gives life to the body.
  • The breath gives life to the awareness of the body, the mind and consciousness.
  • The breath results in continuous perception.
  • The breath brings us to an awareness of cause and its effect.
  • Surrender to the breath.
  • In surrendering to the breath the whole field of awareness inwardly and outwardly becomes recognised.
  • Through the breath, the spirit that we are, is born into life to express its purpose and activity.
  • YOU ARE the breath. The breath is YOU. Realise this, Know this, Live this.

© Glyn Edwards 5/1/15