About Glyn Edwards

Glyn Edwards worked as a medium for over 45 years and worked with Gordon Higginson on a variety of projects over the years. Glyn had travelled extensively, speaking, lecturing, demonstrating and running workshops worldwide.

He had a broad knowledge of various Spiritual paths, and frequently invited revered teachers from related disciplines to work and share their discoveries with students on his courses.

Glyn was particularly known for the quality of his mediumship and his ability to demonstrate it almost effortlessly in front of large audiences.

Glyn demonstrating at Derby Assembly Rooms in 1992 as part of the SNU's continuing centenary celebrations, which began in 1990.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Wollaston

He was also respected for his understanding of, and insight into, different areas of mediumistic unfoldment and his ability to enable students to recognise for themselves the individuality of their mediumistic potential, and to help them establish it as a real means of their own Spiritual awareness.
Glyn also had a very wide and deep experience of physical mediumship (Materialisation, Direct Voice, Apport Mediumship, Levitation) and all forms of activity within the trance states in physical mediumship. He was also a trance medium through which a large body of information both philosophically and evidentially had been a means for a furtherance of his own mediumistic potential.

Glyn was interviewed on television and radio throughout the world, recorded many teachings and practices (see CDs page), wrote numerous articles, and co-authored two highly praised development manuals with a long-time friend and author Stephen Wollaston aka Santoshan (see Books page).

As a teacher his standards were always high and those standards were communicated to his students. But he was also empathic, sympathetic and supportive and made those qualities obvious to his students in his teachings. He realised the importance to the student to feel secure and confident in the teacher, so that the very best within them could start to establish itself.

His work was based on personal experience, therefore he encouraged the student to base their ongoing unfoldment and development on their own experiences which encourages confidence, trust and openness to their individual potential.

Janet, Jean and Mary have been fortunate in being mentored by Glyn over a number of years and fully understand that the needs of the student are uppermost in all that they do.

"We feel privileged to have been chosen by Glyn to carry on the work of the Foundation, and we shall endeavour to do that to the best of our knowledge and ability."