Glyn Edwards Demonstration

On the 31st May it will be 5 years since Glyn made his journey back home after dedicating his life towards understanding his spirituality, his nature, his phenomenal mediumship which he shared with so many, enabling us all to learn and grow.

“Love like life, never dies”

Let the echo of life’s eternal love touch our hearts

Glyn Edwards 17 Aug 1949 - 31 May 2015


Thank you for visiting this website during this unprecedented time we are going through.

Each evening at 8pm (British time) absent healing is being sent out via the foundations’ home circle. Please feel free to join in as our collective love and compassionate thoughts reach where they are needed most.

Please also see ‘Om Power Yourself and Humanity’ for more collective sound healing.

May you keep well and strong in heart with many blessings